Lynda S. Larsen is a former investigative reporter whose private investigations career spans over two decades. As an investigative reporter, she was involved in the McMartin Pre-School matter and an environmental matter relating to the discovery of asbestos in Los Angeles City Schools. She also developed material for stories relating to the Los Angeles Police Department and judicial accountability. Since becoming a private investigator, she has had extensive involvement in tobacco, and water contamination and other environmental litigation. She managed multi-district pharmaceutical litigation support for manufacturers and supervised the litigation support relating to the nationwide defense for tobacco product liability claims against processors of one of America's largest cash crop. Ms. Larsen also investigated the MGM fire for the defense of the ceiling tile manufacturer.

Lynda Larsen is frequently called upon to lend her extensive investigative talents to many and varied criminal defense efforts as well as post conviction jury interviews. In addition, she is an expert in the research and use of public records information, including print and electronic media information. Her criminal defense activities have resulted in numerous court and pre court dispositions favorable to those accused of criminal acts. 

Larsen AVR Group, Inc. is staffed with highly experienced investigators, researchers, analysts and clerical support personnel. This staff includes Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Public Accountants, retired Federal and State law enforcement officers and former Federal Intelligence Officers. In addition, Larsen AVR Group  has aligned itself with an assortment of associate firms located in virtually every corner of the world. The highly experienced and talented staff coupled with the worldwide cadre of associates has made it possible for Larsen AVR Group to undertake and successfully complete a multitude of very large investigative and research assignments.

We are a full service private investigations firm that has expertise in the following practice areas:

Litigation Support (Civil & Criminal)            Due Diligence Investigations
Internal Corporate Investigations                 Health Care Fraud Investigations
Financial Fraud Investigations                      Environmental Investigations
Product Liability Investigations                    Money Laundering Investigations
Insurance Fraud Investigations                     Post Conviction Jury Interviews
Surveillance and Undercover Operations      Habeas Corpus (State & Federal)     

The measure of the talent and high regard in which Larsen AVR Group, Inc. is held is reflected in the number of major law firms and other business entities that continuously retain the services of this firm.